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NEW Shropshire Granola Site – Shweet!

Shropshire Granola

Local ‘sweetie’ Alex Hoar, has at last launched her innovative, but low key website to promote her Shropshire Granola – a healthy start to any day, or an excellent accompaniment to a bowl of seasonal fruit with yoghurt, oh, and perhaps a little extra honey.

At Shropshire Granola they believe in the simple things in life, like handmade birthday cards, homemade jam and making everything with a little tender loving care. That’s why their cereal is hand baked and mixed by hand, by Alex herself.

“We take advice on our tasty infusions from our colleagues who know best…. like the Shropshire Honey Bees who feast of the juiciest flowers, season by season. Creating the purest, sweetest honey from the rolling Shropshire hills. Adding to the unique delicious flavour of our Granola to every mouthful, every morning.” comments Alex “We only use natural, wholesome, local ingredients and pride ourselves on our unprocessed produce. ”

Check out their new website, and why not order on line or pop along to one of teh numerous farmers markets and events that Alex will be busy buzzing around at:

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