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Wrexham Shropshire Railways ~ Shropshire to London Review

Wrexham & Shropshire Railways

Wrexham & Shropshire Railways

I love trains. Not in the notepad, rucksack, end-of-platformclicking-camera sort of way, but the concept of the golden age of trains – Brief Encounter style, with well-maintained stations and attentive, smart, uniformed, platform staff helping with luggage and directing confused travellers towards trains which arrive, and leave, on time.

Some of my most memorable travels have involved trains… the efficiencies of the French TGV; the early days and wonders of Eurostar; inter-railing as a student; the Bullet of Taiwan and my all-time favourites in Sri Lanka, and Thailand. So, how does the Wrexham to Marylebone service compare to my world travel experiences, and slightly romantic, and admittedly unrealistic visions of British train travel of years gone by?

Walking through the Victorian streets of Shrewsbury heading for the gargoyled station frontage, I must admit I felt a twinge of excitement. Purchasing the ticket was easy enough, none of the complications of off-peak/day, return/single, no-luggage, over thirties, Friday specials. Just a ticket for £40. Return! The train was not quite full, so I was offered a First Class upgrade for an extra £45 which is available any day – providing the space is available. I took the offer and waited on the platform which was undergoing a low key rewire. It would certainly benefit from a much needed cleaning of the glass roof and a general brush-up as part of this maintenance. More HERE

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