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Resurgence in Pub openings in the Midlands

Traditional English Pub...NOT for sale, but search the link below for ones that are!

Traditional English Pub...NOT for sale, but search the link below for ones that are!

The Resurgence of the British Pub

Pub closures in the West Midlands have slowed significantly in recent months and across the country, over 50% of pubs are in growth as the UK as the pub is once again seen as the venue of choice, according to Staffordshire-based Punch Taverns.

These findings, although distinctly positive, would appear to buck the trend within the licensed trade when just a few months ago, predictions for the sector were not looking good. For Punch Taverns, this turnaround has been due in part to a shift in consumer demand which has seen Punch licensees adapt their offer and diversify into new areas.

Pubs are no longer just places where people go to have a drink, they have become whatever local demand requires, whether pub – related or not!

One of the key developments for pubs as a result of the current climate has been the introduction of good quality, value for money food offers. They have even extended their opening hours to enable them to offer breakfast.

Punch have also seen pubs offering coffee and wifi, mother and baby sessions and even “use my local” which includes having residential packages delivered to your local pub for collection when the post office would be shut.

Punch is 100% behind their leased partners in exploring new avenues and aim to offer all their current and potential partners support and advice in doing so. They have also committed to a large investment programme of c£60 million to enhance their existing portfolio for partners and where relevant, introduce a basic kitchen and dining area for those that require it.

Your local may not be what it used to be but the changes are a testament to licensees who have risen to the challenge of the recession by evolving their businesses and casting doubt on the reported demise of the British Pub!

James Day, editor of ETM comments “Many of our food pub customers are saying they are seeing an upturn in customers, and a change of habits to local dining, with people wanting a good time locally, whilst enjoying good quality food. Many of the pubs we see for sale or lease now, would make great food pubs, and often can be picked up for a good package as a lease or sale”

Local Pubs & Restaurants Looking for New Tenants

Have you ever thought about running your own pub & restaurant? A recent survey from Nectar Business found that 38% of over 34 year olds dream of running their own pub business – if that’s you, we want to find you!

We’re always looking for people who want to use their existing skills to run their own pub. We are not just looking for people with conventional pub experience either – we will consider anyone who has the ambition and passion to run their own pub business.

We have properties throughout the West Midlands and Staffordshire and our diverse range of pubs, restaurants and hotels means we are confident we can find something that suits your aspirations and experience.

Punch will be hosting a Road Show for anyone interested in running their own pub at the Aston Villa Football Ground on Tuesday 26th October between 11am and 3pm. For full details and for your entry pass, please contact Sandi on 0844 848 3269 or alternatively visit our website

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