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Beef Restaurant American Steak Cooking Tips

Iain Miller Head Chef Beef Restaurant

Iain Miller Head Chef Beef Restaurant

Beef Restaurant in Kenilworth, Warwickshire is proving to be a popular venue for the regions carnivores. Created by highly-acclaimed  Andreas Antona, Michelin Chef-Patron of Simpsons in Birmingham, as his take on the famous New York steak houses.
With today being American Independence Day, we caught up with Hed Chef Iain Miller who gave us a few tips on creating the perfect BBQ steak.

Serving some of the finest beef in the World including Scottish Aberdeen Angus, American USDA and Japanese-style Wagyu from hand-massaged bulls, he is offering diners steak and chips with a difference.
Head Chef Iain Miller shares his top tips for cooking the perfect steak at home: “Less is more”.

“First of all make sure the pan is really hot! This can be a major problem when cooking at home as people are often cooking for a family or group. However much you heat the pan if you then overload it with several pieces of steak the temperature will drop dramatically and the juices are lost which results in the steak being part boiled. Using a smaller surface area to cook will ensure that the juices are retained and the meat remains tender. ”

Give it a break. Meat is a muscle and as it hits a hot pan it inevitably tightens and contracts leading to a less than tender finish. After you have cooked your steak to the required degree let it rest. The time depends on the cut of the meat; thinner cuts of steak such as rump or sirloin will require less resting time than a larger fillet steak which could perhaps take up to 3 minutes. During this time the juices flow back through the meat and allow it to relax; giving you that delicious tender result.
Go outdoors
Some of the best results can be obtained from a BBQ, so why not take advantage of the summer to perfect your cooking skills? At Beef we use a uniquely designed char-grill burner to get that fabulous flavour and produce perfect results every time. The same principal applies here though as in the kitchen – don’t overload your BBQ as this will result in a drop of temperature and you will lose those precious juices in the hot coals.
Beef Restaurant, 11 Warwick Road, Kenilworth, Warwickshire CV8 1HD. Tel: 01926 863311.

“Simply the finest Steaks” Beef Restaurant Review

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