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Turners Restaurant Birmingham – Business As Usual

Chef Richard Turner

Chef Richard Turner, business as usual

Chef Richard Turner has announced his plans for the new Turners Restaurant.

Diners were surprised when Chef Richard had not taken any bookings for last week, and rumors were afoot of closure and this popular Michelin Restaurant possibly becoming another victim of the double dip recession, but renowned Chef Richard Turner today confirmed  his plans and re-assured diners that is is ‘business as usual’, and Turners is set to be a force for the future in the City.

“This year has certainly been challenging for all restaurants, especially at the top levels, as diners wallets are squeezed, resulting in our own restaurant menu prices being held this year, despite increases of up to 30% on food costs. My passions have always been to focus on the very best ingredients, and create dishes to challenge and delight our diners, which has also added to the pressure of providing consistent quality for the price.”

Richard continued “Personally I have been reflecting on my own life balance this year, after my house fire last Christmas, and the pressure on finding a new home whilst trying to work over 80 hours a week in the restaurant, and the related expenses of moving, and this Summer not being able to give my team a break made me think what’s it all about?”

Richard continued “So, I have made the bold decision to go back to basics. Cooking the dishes I want to cook, using the ingredients I want to source from across the UK, for less customers, cutting our dining spaces down to just twenty, so less need for staff recruiting and more focus on the customer experience. I promised my wife I would stop working myself to an early grave and spend more time living, so we will now focus on evenings and Friday and Saturday lunches.”

“So it is onwards and upwards, business as usual, but with a clearer focus on the dishes, and my loyal customers. I have got some exciting new ideas for dishes and we will be arranging more of our sell out Taste of Turners dinners for our regulars. We would like to thank everyone for their kind words and support this year, and my suppliers for baring with us for what promises to be an exciting 2013.”

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