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Award winning hospitality

A Bridgnorth eaterie has launched a series of Cocktail masterclsses and accompanying videos to help Festive home barman.

Peepo Pizza and Lounge Bar, at Northgate, Bridngorth, has become one of the town’s favourite destinations for celebrations and events.

Owner-manager Phillip Jeffrey said he was delighted that the venue was established with local residents. He has now launched a series of masterclasses, and accompanying videos to help people make their favourite tipples over Christmas. He commented “Many people like  making their won drinks over Christmas including cocktails and mulled wine, but many seem to get the mix wrong, and loose the traditional flavours of the drink, and just end up getting drunk, so we thought it best to show people some classics, so they can wow their friends.”

Peepo’s has evolved into a destination for not only the regions foodies, who appreciated great authentic Italian cuisine and hospitality, but also for those who wanted to celebrate in style.

Mr Jeffrey is often seen as the smiling face behind service, greeting diners in the restaurant. However, he also mixes cocktails upstairs during the busy Friday night ‘Live Lounge’ acoustic sets and on Live DJ nights every Saturday.

Mr Jeffrey said he had been gradually improving his skills and gaining experience since graduating from Radbook Catering College some years ago.

He had travelled to London to gain further hands on experience and worked at some of the world’s best venues, famed for their hospitality.

He had picking up new tips at a five-star hotel in Wimbledon Village before being head hunted to work with the Pelican Group, who were then owners of Café Rouge in its heyday.

He also spent time in Terrance Conran Group of prestigious restaurants managing sites, bars and cocktail training.

At the ripe old age of 29 he was managing the prestigious Private Members Club at the Great Eastern Hotel on Liverpool Street.

Mr Jeffrey then spent time in Sydney, Australia, managing a fine dining Italian Restaurant, where he picked up many of his passions for Italian food and hospitality which he now applies at Peepos.

He said: “I guess you could say my career sounds like a whistle stop tour of some of the finest hospitality destinations around the World, but in truth since leaving Shropshire I have just followed my passions and opportunities as they arose, and the industry is so fluid, things come along all the time.

“The meeting with my partners at Peepos was another chance meet, again, in a bar but back in Shropshire when I was consulting at the Aston back in Newport where I began, where we all shared our passion for creating the perfect local restaurant but with National expertise and consistency of a National brand, and quite soon afterwards Peepos was born, and is ever evolving.

“I must say I have never felt so settled, and it’s great to be back in Shropshire, and catch up with many of my old friends and new ones, alongside those who have even travelled from around the World to catch up with me here in Bridgnorth – they love the vibe, and the versatility of the venue.”

Phil now hosts Cocktail Master Classes upstairs in the well stocked lounge bar, for min 4 guests, who each get to learn how to make a cocktail off their extensive list, whist enjoying tips, and Italian nibbles, for just £10 each. Call for details 01746766220.

For more video clips visit their Facebook Page Here

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