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Chinese New Year – Explained

Tom Lau of China Lodge with Waishin Cheng Restaurant Manager

Tom Lau of China Lodge with Waishin Cheng Restaurant Manager

Sunday 10th February sees the New Year for the Chinese. This year is the year of the snake.

We asked Tom Lau, Proprietor of the opulent new China Lodge Restaurant in Kidderminster, previously owner of the popular China Diner in Bridgnorth, to explain about Chinese New Year “Running in twelve year cycles, rather than the Wests’ twelve month zodiac, the ancient Chinese calendar dates back to the Shang Dynasty nearly 4000 years ago. Each of the twelve years is depicted by a different animal or creature, which it is said relates to the characteristics of the people born in that year. The actual date of New Year changes each year with the moon cycle.”

China Lodge restaurant, that was opened by Tom and his wife Chef Wendy late last year, has proven a big hit with diners from right across the region. Chef Wendy’s passion for cooking everything from fresh and sourcing the best ingredients, means diners flock back time and time again, for mid-week dining for their value 2 course £10 lunch and extensive evening menus, as well as special occasions such as Chinese New Year and Valentines, both in the coming week.

We looked up what those characteristics of you or your child who is born in The Year of the snake may have. ‘Contemplative and private, the Snake is not outwardly emotional. He can appear cunning and reticent and works very modestly in the business environment. The Snake will plot and scheme to make certain things turn out exactly as they want them to.’ so, a determined individual, focused and possibly scheming. Asking Tom what his sign is he laughs “I am a Ram. We are nurturers. Enjoy taking care of other people, and calm character. I guess you could say the perfect sign for a restaurateur. Though my wife Chef Wendy may question some of that sometimes”

Part of Chinese tradition for New Year is to hord off evil spirits by showing red colours and setting of fire crackers to scare them away, but the team at the China Lodge Restaurant are planning a more relaxed day “being a Sunday this year, we are putting on a traditional Chinese banquet, with specially freshly prepared dishes, suitable for all the family. Everyone will get a ticket for our lucky dip, so they will each leave with a little momentum of the event. We hope to see many of our old customers from Bridgnorth when we had the China Diner, and many new ones from Kidderminster and the surrounding areas, at what promises to be a real fun family meal. Being so close to Valentines this Year means we have a busy week, with our special Valentines menus from Thursday” For more information, and menus visit or call 01562 743868.

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