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Flying Chef for Birmingham Charity

Flying Chef Richard Turner at Airkix

Flying Chef Richard Turner at Airkix

Birmingham’s Chef Richard Turner this week underwent a gruelling indoor Sky Dive session in preparation for his charity Sky Dive this weekend.

Chef Richard of Turners of Harborne agreed to help support local charity QAC Queen Alexandra College who help students with impaired site and learning difficulties, and as par to his support he signed up for their annual charity Sky Dive – however he is terrified of heights “I find it hard to go on to the second floor of the Bull Ring” commented Richard “However I am determined to be able to bury my demons and take part in the full sky dive this weekend, and be able to jump from 13,000 feet, and help raise money for this worthy cause”.

Chef Richard who this week was also officially crowned as The Good Food Guides Best Midlands Restaurant helped open one of their new facilities early this year – a café and therapy centre – and judge a student cake decorating competition. Since then he has been keen to get involved and do something to support the college, working with the fundraising team to make something happen. This jump will help them further as the team all sky dive together. The event is a regular in the charity’s fundraising calendar, with staff and supporters daring themselves to jump out of a plane at 13,000 feet.

Hearing of Richard’s fears, he was contacted by indoor Sky Diving Centre ‘AirKix’ based at Milton Keynes, who offered to help him overcome his fears by practicing in a more controlled environment with a qualified instructor. Airkix instructor Cameron Bernard added, “It was great to see that after some initial trepidation, Richard was all smiles from the moment he took to the air. The great thing about indoor skydiving is that you can fly just a few feet off the ground if you’re afraid of heights, or higher up in the flight chamber if you’ve a bit more confidence. As the flight session went on, Richard’s confidence grew and he became more and more relaxed, so he was actually flying pretty high to be honest – he was loving it. Like most flyers, he was absolutely buzzing during and after the experience and I truly believe he is now more than ready for his ‘real’ skydive”

Despite the nerves, Richard knows the challenge is worth it. ‘When I visited QAC is could see it is a great place and does incredible work with the students and clients. The atmosphere is extremely positive and focuses on what people with disabilities can do, not what they can’t. That’s why I want to be involved’ continuing ‘I feel much more confident now after my AirKix visit, and look forward to the jump with a little more confidence.”

QAC is a national charity for people with disabilities such as vision impairment, Autism and physical disabilities. The college, based in Harborne, Birmingham, offers challenging learning opportunities for people with disabilities to realise their potential to work and live independently.

Hugh Williams, Principal at the college says “as a charity we rely on the support and generosity for our volunteers and donors to help us provide the best opportunities and facilities for our students. To have Richard, someone from the local community, onboard and supporting us is fantastic.”

For more information about Queen Alexandra College and how you can support Richard and ‘Team QAC’ please contact Sarah Caldwell, Fundraising Co-Ordinator on 0121 428 5064 or

To help donate please visit or Richard’s donations page
To view Chef Richard Flying Video visit:

Pictured with Chef Richard Turner are Cydney Hughes & Cameron Bernard

Pictured with Chef Richard Turner are Cydney Hughes & Cameron Bernard

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