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Birmingham’s Fifth Michelin Star Awarded to Carters Restaurant Moseley – Exclusive Interview

Michelin Stars! Carters of Moseley Chef Patron Brad Carter. Partner Holly Jackson with Peter Jackson, Richard Walter, and Jack Gooch

Michelin Stars! Carters of Moseley Chef Patron Brad Carter. Partner Holly Jackson with Peter Jackson, Richard Walter, and Jack Gooch

There are many days where we have the privilege to speak with, eat with and occasionally socialise with some of the regions finest Chefs and producers – but there are few days more finer than today – not only congratulating Birmingham’s newest ‘Star’ in person and those who have supported him in his ascendancy – even from a student – but also speaking with the Editor of the Guide which awarded the Star.

It was with little dignity that the illusive folk at the Michelin Guide had to react somewhat on the back foot on Wednesday, when their closely guarded secret guides’ contents were ‘accidentally leaked’ a day early by an unwitting on-line book shop who posted an ‘embargoed’ copy to a chef, a day early, who then started to share his bootie across social media – somewhat taking the ‘reveal’ away from the magicians who had created the magic. So, as with the modern world of communications, Michelin bravely took the lead once again and started to Tweet out those winners and losers on their newly created ‘feed’ @MichelinGuideUK to their loyal followers, who in turn spread the good, and some bad, news.

Gone was the Star held by Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Maze’ in London, just on the cusp of celebrating his tenth year there, as well as ‘Sienna’ in Dorchester ‘ where new Chef Marcus Wolcox had recently taken over but not got up to speed soon enough – whereas the team at Maze had not been as consistent as the guide likes, and paid the ultimate price.

Other risers were the privately owned Goring Hotel on the South Bank of London as well as new entrants to the rare Two Star stable The Araki (with only nine covers – yes 9!) and Umu both Japanese and in London –but what of further North? Well due to a late re-opening following their refit The Fat Duck, Heston Bluenthal’s ‘two star’ creation did not manage to re-open in time for the inspectors, so bizarrely is now ‘star-less’ so may now be offering some sort of two-for-one deal to diners until full Star Service is restored at next years round!

But which other Cities shone through? Leeds received a Star at ‘Man behind the Curtain’ Loughborough for ‘John’s House’ and Manchester remained baron.

In the Midlands it was a different story – the rich pickings of the four Michelin Starred Restaurants of Adams, Simpsons, Turners and Purnell’s were joined by a Chefs favourite, Carters of MoseleyOwned by Chef Brad Carter and his hard working partner Holly Jackson – the two have been serving the regions gourmands and most of the Michelin Chefs in the know with their simple flavorsome dishes for nearly five years – never missing a service, and this week their hard work, consistency and focus were truly rewarded.

“I could nt believe it when Rebecca [Burr, Michelin Guide Editor] called me yesterday to break the news – I was gob-smacked’ comments Brad ‘I never in my wildest dreams thought we would achieve such an accolade at Carters – we cook what

Carters Chef Patron Brad Carter with Partner Holly Jackson delighted at their Michelin Star news

Carters Chef Patron Brad Carter with Partner Holly Jackson delighted at their Michelin Star news

we believe in for our customers – and that’s pretty much it. We don’t have posh table cloths or clever cooking gimmicks – just great seasonal produce – it’s such an honour to join the likes of Glynn, Richard, Luke and Adam – all of which I am honoured to say are not only our customers, but also sent us very kind messages of congratulations, and even Richard Turner popped in a bottle of champagne for the team last night after service – he has supported us from day one – but it was still a real surprise – we are all very humbled at the support.”

Partner Holly Jackson who oversees the front of house service added “As soon as the news broke yesterday the phones went mad – at one point the battery even went flat as we had been answering every call – it got to about 4am this morning and I thought I just had to go to bed and stop replying to all the lovely messages – it still hasn’t really sunk in – we would like to thank everyone for all their kind support and best wishes – many from our loyal regular customers, its so lovely.”

When asked what they were going to change now they had achieved the Michelin Star, Holly added “ Absolutely nothing! We have had a refit over the Summer and took a rare week off thankfully, but that’s it. The service will stay the same and we will give everyone the attention that they have always had – being a neighborhood restaurant in Moseley its important that we service our community, as much as those visiting from further afield” Brad added “My food will stay what it has been from the day we opened – Good fresh seasonal ingredients – cooked simply – it’s what I feel passionate about, what gets me up before sun rise and keeps me awake well after it’s set – and its what our customer like. It’s important to remain true to yourself – A Star is not a right, it’s a recognition and we need to retain our standards and hopefully the accolade – we couldn’t have achieved this without the support from everyone and the hard working dedication of my brigade, our committed team and the City of Birmingham.”

During an exclusive interview today Editor of The Michelin Guide Rebecca Burr added “Brad and Holly are a very deserving couple – Carters is consistent in quality and they are true to their passions, and it is reassuring to hear that they don’t plan to change anything – good quality, simple ingredients cooked well are the key to our ethos, and I hope they enjoy their deserved accolade.” Read our full exclusive interview with Rebecca Burr about her views and the future of Birmingham dining, published tomorrow.

Congratulations came from all over the City – Richard Turner, Chef Patron of Turners in Harbourne commented “Brad and Holly are not only a lovely couple but are dedicated to their cause alongside their team – there is no more deserving couple – I just hope that they are ready for it I can still get a table!” he laughed.

Adam Stokes of Adam’s Restaurant  the most recent recipient of a Star prior to Carters and who themselves are preparing for a move to larger premises nearby in January, added whilst in his kitchen “It’s great for the City of Birmingham and a worthy accolade for Brad and his team – People often think Michelin is about tricks and gimmicks, but as far as I am concerned it’s about simple seasonality – served well – its not magic. Brad and Holly achieve that and they a have been fairly awarded.”

Neil Rippington, Deanof the College of Food, University College Birmingham (UCB) added “We are delighted that Brad has achieved the recognition he deserves along with his brigade – as a previous Student of the college it makes us exceptionally proud that he has achieved such national acclaim and is an inspiration to our young students who can see that hard graft, talent and dedication can lead to great things – Birmingham is a diverse City and the quality and range of accredited restaurants keeps growing – We are proud to be part of that.”

Michelin Guide 2016

Michelin Guide 2016

What makes Birmingham’s culinary scene sit head and shoulders above all other major Cities outside London? Read our exclusive interview with The Editor of The Michelin Guide, Rebecca Burr tomorrow. Follow us on @the_Midlands and for more exclusive news and insight.

Article by Editor James Day

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