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The Edgbaston Launches a NEW Cocktail Menu ‘The Taste of Birmingham’

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The Edgbaston has a fascinating history, it was completed in 1848 by John Barnsley as part of the famously luxurious Calthorpe Estate. This area of the city is often nicknamed the ‘Mayfair of Birmingham’, with beautiful white Georgian buildings and green spaces. The Edgbaston was the home of the Martineau family for at least two generations and it is they who are responsible for adding the stunning porch and library, where we now display see of our rare Bourbon and Islay Whiskies. In 1953 the house became an office space until we took it on!

The Hotel was the brainchild of Stuart and Darren Insall, brothers from the neighbouring town of Kenilworth, and the Calthorpe Estate. Together we have refurbished the building from scratch to create a stunning art deco environment for our guests. With over 100 years experience between our small team (not least some time spent in New Orleans) you’ll always find someone you know you can trust. And once you’re here, it’s hard to leave.

The New Cocktail Menu ‘The Taste of Birmingham’ has been designed around the rich history, culture and heritage that the city is so well renowned for with drinks designed around the following categories:

Jewellery, Arts, Textiles, Glass, Metals, Great Minds, Confectionary.

With familiar flavours we all know and love, nostalgia a reminder of days gone by, of course the scientific using the fruits of our laboratory and unusual and exciting new flavours and experiences. There are also a variety of light cocktails with a lower booze content but equally enticing flavours and soft virgin drinks without the devil’s sauce!

This menu is filled with passion and creativity at its best, it’s industry leading and a sensational addition to the growing national awareness that Birmingham is indeed a serious food and beverage destination in its own right, within the UK.

Here is an example of one of our NEW cocktails:

A Trifle Bazaar – Birmingham’s Invention of Tennis

Strawberry Wine, Fino Sherry, Finlandia Vodka, Trifle Liqueur, Custard

Little known to many is that tennis was first played just five minutes away, where a club was set up on a former treasure trove of wild strawberries

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