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Chef Richard Turner & Ashley Bent Talk about their Michel-INN Pop-up Restaurant

Ashley Bent of The Bell and Richard Turner, Turners Restaurant

Ashley Bent of The Bell and Richard Turner, Turners Restaurant


Ahead of their sell-out Pop-up Restaurant, Birmingham’s Michelin Starred Chef Richard Turner and Warwickshire’s Ashley Bent of the Bell at Tanworth in Arden answering questions about how their  partnership came together.

– A Taste of Turners at the Bell – Labelled as a Michel-INN (Michelin style food in a pub!) pop-up restaurant for one night only on November 14th – which sold out within 4 hours of going on sale!

Firstly congratulations to you both on your amazing sell out event.

Tell us why you teamed up?

Ashley: Regulars have often chatted about Michelin food over a pint or two in the pub – we read about the {now} four stars in the City which is great, and others across the UK who have been awarded stars in Pubs – These are very talented guys cooking at the top level, so thought it would be interesting to see what happened if we offered similar out of the City.

Richard: Being located in the City is great and creates a real buzz amongst all Chefs – but sometimes its good to step out of your comfort zone and rise to a new challenge, and potentially new diners, so after visiting the Bell I thought it would be fun to create a true pop-up, and after speaking with Ashley, we decided to give it a go.

Why did you choose to work together?

Ashley: We both come from different angles but have the same goals to offer good quality hospitality and a dining experience, so it seemed like a natural fit

Richard: The pub felt right, and Ashley provides a relaxed informal setting , so it seemed like the perfect fit.

You’re both very different businessmen what will you each be bringing to the table?

Ashley: My focus is on front of house, so I will literally be bringing to the table the relaxed setting and a ‘twist’ to what many perhaps perceive, largely incorrectly, as the stuffy service you can often get in these venues.

Richard: Being in a more relaxed setting it will allow me to experiment with my style of food and be more rustic in nature, I think diners will be pleasantly surprised.

What inspired the idea of a pop up kitchen?

Richard: We hear of pop-ups in London and even in Birmingham under various guises, but we wanted to create a true one, for one night only.

Ashley: It was a great idea, and allows us to experiment with the concept and get customer feedback.

What can diners expect?

Ashley: We will be keeping the same style of relaxed service, but will be offering wine matching for those who want to push the boat out – or they could just enjoy a pint of real ale!

Richard: I have created the menu to reflect the setting and although it will be a ‘Taste of Turners at The Bell’, the presentation will be different to what they enjoy at Turners Restaurant. Guests will just have to wait and see.

What inspired the dishes on your pop up kitchen menu?

Richard: Like in my restaurant, great regional ingredients, and the setting. The season, Autumn is my favourite time of year.

Ashley: Ive left the food up to Richard, but delighted in what he has come up with.

How would you describe your individual cooking styles?

Richard: At Turners its fine dining focused on flavours and seasonal ingredients – at The Bell it will be much the same with more of a focus on modern-pub style food.

Ashley. I would nt put myself in the same category as Richard but we serve great value classic pub food at The Bell.

Where does your love of food come from?

Ashely: Mine came late in life, eating out & watching Floyd on Spain

Richard: I am inspired by Chefs from around the World, and we have some great Chefs in the region too – its important to watch trends, but in turn stick with your own styles and influences.

You both work differently with food but if you had to choose your favourite dish what would it be?

Ashley: Difficult, Tapas & sunshine or Lamb & log fires.

Richard: A great Sunday Roast – something we launched at Turners in November too – with a bit of a Turners twist of course.

You both work in a highly pressurised environment so when you get the chance, how do you relax and unwind?

Ashley; I spend time with my family and like to travel, when I get chance.

Richard: I recently spent some time with my wife, and family for my parents 50th wedding anniversary in the South West – i dont often switch off and relax, but I got close.

Interview also published in The Edge Magazine for the Midlands

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The Bell Inn Tanworth in Arden, The Green, Tanworth-in-Arden, Warwickshire, B94 5AL.
Tel: 01564 742212

Turners Restaurant, 69 High Street, Harborne, Birmingham, B17 9NS | T: 0121 4264440

Turners at The Bell by Richard Turner. Evening Thursday November 14th

The Bell at Tanworth

The Bell at Tanworth

SAMPLE Taste of Turners Pop-up Menu

Potato, egg, truffle and buttermilk
Pigs head, apple, parsnip and sorrel
Mackerel, beetroot, horseradish and nasturtium
Venison, celeriac, chocolate and pear
Coconut, passion fruit, mango and papaya

Hosted by Proprietor Ashley Bent

5 courses £45 per person. SOLD OUT!

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