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Chef Ron Faulkner Re-writes the recipe book for his popular Ronnies of Thornbury, Near Bristol

Restaurant Manger William Levrard with Chef Ron Faulkner & selection of their daily ‘Bar Plates’

Restaurant Manger William Levrard with Chef Ron Faulkner & selection of their daily ‘Bar Plates’

Chef Ron Faulkner Re-writes the recipe book for his popular Ronnies of Thornbury, Near Bristol

It’s been 7 years since Chef Ron Faulkner opened his eponymous restaurant ‘Ronnies’ in sleepy Thornbury,located North of Bristol, and according to the Sunday Times National Newspaper, helped establish the town as one of the ‘4th Best Places to Live in the UK!’ Quite an accolade for the town, and quite a gauntlet for Chef Ron – he continued to pick up series of awards and accreditations, including Good Food Guide restaurant of The Year for the UK.

Thornbury is becoming a destination for foodies once again, with the popular ‘Hawkes House café & Bar’ also in the square and ‘Romy’s Kitchen’ Indian Restaurant – Ever-one to push the boundaries, Chef Ron is now set to re-write the gastronomical guide for the region by undergoing a complete overhall of his popular Ronnies Restaurant, from the dishes on the hot plate through to the flavours on the customers palate, and everything in between, even including the furniture – “Alot has happened in the past Seven years” Comments Chef Ron “we were one of the first aspirational eateries in the region and were proud to be part of the renaissance that Thornbury underwent, and Bristol and the South West has certainly continued that accreditation for food – Styles have changed over the years, as have the desires and expectations ofcustomers, including our own – alongside this I have changed – both personally and professionally, and in recent months we have been talking more to our customers and asking what they think of Ronnies, and what they want from their local restaurant, and we have listened”

Ron and team have been scouring suppliers across the region, and drawing on the experiences of the team from working at the highest levels in France, London and the South West, to dining themselves in simple tapas bars on the Continent , and enjoying the flavours of the regions, and have come up with a simple solution to the feedback of their customers ‘food should be fun.” Adds Ron “The boundaries between dining out, and drinking have become more blurred” continuing “Where once people would decide to go out for a fine dining meal, or an Asian meal, a pub or pizza, or even stay in, they now want to just go out, be looked after, have fun and not feel restricted on what they eat and drink, where and how – the customer is more king than ever, and so we have removed all the formal pre-conceived boundaries of normal ‘fine dining’ and introduced our simple ‘Bar Plates’ – which offer the same quality local ingredients cooked perfectly, that Ronnie’s has become well known for, but made them more accessible through offering them as smaller portions, more like sharing dishes, so a customer can try lots of bits of flavours and discover new dishes they may never have tried before
– each day new dishes will be produced by the brigade to celebrate the best of that days deliveries, catches and creations. When they are gone they are gone – we will also be serving some daily favourites that we know our customers like, adapted from our main menus, including, local Trealy Farm black pudding scotch egg; Confit breast of lamb with pickles; garlic & fresh herb langoustines; venison Sausages & grain mustard mash to name but a few.

“We have some wonderful producers and suppliers in the South West, and I have been working with many of them for the past 7 years – what we are now doing is challenging them to supply more creative cuts, with greater flavours, as well as unusual fish that my brigade can create great flavours for, and even tasking Hobbs House Bakery to supply us with interesting breads to compliment our dishes – great for mopping up our sauces, light oils and marinades. Our drinks range has been overhauled too, now offering premium Continental lagers, as well a specialist beers, and over 26 wines, by the glass, customers wont go thirsty – “We are focusing on supplier training creating the ‘perfect serve’ for all our products from drinks, including our specialty coffees and teas, through to food, and even extending it to ‘perfect service’ aspiring to be there when you want us, but leave you alone when you don’t – no more waiters hovering to top up your wine every time you take a sip, or even water glass and adding the privilege of it to the bill”

Ron has even removed all the formal furniture and replaced it with relaxing sofas, even leather Chesterfields, to reflect the more relaxed accessible dining and of course drinking in the bar “Yeah Ive been on Ebay” laughs Ron “We wanted to create a relaxed eclectic feel to the bar – no more sitting upright and behaving, and the customers love the new relaxed feel – come to think of it, so do the staff – they are having much more fun encouraging customers to try samples of our new Continental lagers, and world wines by the glass , and I even have some beers from my ancestral home of South Africa – now if I cant share my passions for great food, beer, and of course wine from South Africa with my customers, then I must be doing something wrong”.

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Chef Ronnies Bar Plates

Chef Ronnies Bar Plates

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