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Vegetarian Dis-Advantages ~ Bruce Kidson

Bruce Kidson

Bruce Kidson

Bruce Kidson is a Midlands based Life Coach who has just recently launched a monthly online personal coaching course that aims to help people from all works of life establish their purpose and create their own plan to achieve life goals and ambitions.

The role of food plays an important part within the Health module and here Bruce in a series of blogs offers his views.

5 Disadvantages of been vegetarian

Last week we looked at the 10 advantages of been a vegetarian, so this week we are going to look at the 5 disadvantages   of been vegetarian and how to turn them into advantages.

A great thing to notice is that to start with is that there are a lot fewer disadvantages than advantages. So lets look at the disadvantages.
1.  Reduced protein, protein are essential to repair and growth of cells in our body, however it has now been established that we need much less than previously thought, with women aged 14 to 50 years needing just 45 grams per day, over 50 46.5 g. While men 19 to 49 need 55.5 g & over 50 53.5g so slightly less. Good sources of protein for a vegetarian are, Chickpeas, baked beans, tofu, cows milk, lentils, Soya milk, muesli, eggs, peanuts, (Peanut butter!) bread & cheese. So while a vegetarian diet has reduced protein, there is still plenty to ensure good health.

2 Lack of Food choices, when eating out there are fewer vegetarian food choices, than for omnivores, however in my experience the chef have often gone to extra effort to produce something yummy, so while there are usually fewer choices they taste better.

3. Difficulty when going out to a dinner party. There are several options, tell the host (ess) and they will usually make something a little different for you, don’t say anything and just eat the vegetables. Or when there isn’t a choice just eat what you feel like.

4. Decreased creatine, has been sited as a disadvantage of been vegetarian, however some weight lifting sites recommend a vegetarian diet as been vegetarian actually increases skeletal muscle, it also means that the vegetarians will gain a real boost by supplementing with creatine prior to an event.

5. Decreased vitamins and minerals, especially B12, and iron. B12 primary function is in the formation of red blood cells and a healthy nervous system. B12 is found in meat, eggs & dairy products, so a vegetarian eating eggs & dairy should be ok. There are many vegetables, which contain B12, but the jury is out to how available they are to humans, so supplementation can be a good idea.  Iron 66% of children & women of child bearing age suffer from a deficiency of iron, in developing countries and is prevalent in the UK too. Both vegetarians and suffer, so supplement.

So we can see that the 5 disadvantages of been vegetarian are minor and can be transcended with ease.

Bruce Kidson is 51 years old, has 3 children and resides in Codsall, Staffordshire.
To find out more information on Your Wealth for Life and/or read Bruce’s latest articles, blogs and thoughts visit.


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