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Financial reasons to be vegetarian ~ Bruce Kidson

Bruce Kidson

Bruce Kidson

The role of food plays an important part within the Health module and here Bruce in a series of blogs offers his views.
Most people have the perception that been vegetarian is expensive and having recently paid £7.12 for 50g of Kombu seaweed (4.39 + 2.73 post) I could see why, however what this blog will do is give 19 financial reasons to be vegetarian & that being vegetarian can be cheaper than been an omnivore.
1. How much is a healthy heart worth? As we saw in a previous blog vegetarians enjoy better cardio health, in the UK heart surgery is usually free on the NHS but in the US bypass surgery can cost $60,000. (heart problems been fairly common with people who eat a lot of fatty meats).

2. What cost cancer? In the US MEPS calculated the annual cost of treating cancer at $9,629 million! Cancer Research UK found that in a long term study that up to 45% fewer of non-meat eaters got leukaemia stomach & bladder cancers and many fewer cancers overall.

3. Ease of movement, what is that worth? Vegetarians have a much lower incident of arthritis.

5. How much is it worth to live, cutting out meat increases life expectancy.

Cost to our planet

6. Vegetarians – save Fossil fuel, it takes 78 calories of fossil fuel to produce 1 calorie of beef! but just 1 calorie of fossil fuel for every calorie of soybean.
7. Save water – it takes up to 15 times more water to produce animal protein than plant protein.

8. Soil conservation – vegetarians require less agricultural resources than meat eaters.

9. Save forests – large parts of the Amazon rain forest have been cleared to provide ‘cheap’ beef.

10. Reduce global warming –  methane is 23 times more powerful than carbon dioxide and cows produce up to 500 litres a day & there are 1.5 billion cows

11. Eating out costs less – the vegetarian options are always significantly cheaper.

12. On costs – ready prepared and cooked vegetarian meals cost more than meat ones!

13. Breakfast save 60+% – 100g of good quality muesli is about 29p (Jordans/Asda) while 2 rashers of quality bacon is 67p (Asda)

14. Lunch – vegetable soup @ 30p while a meat filled sandwich will cost nearer a £1.

15. Dinner – Lentil curry 100g of lentils 17p (East End Green Lentils/Asda) while 100g of diced lamb is £1.29 (Asda)

So over the day that’s a saving, by being vegetarian of £2.22 per person per day. For every person that’s £810 per year. Enough to make you smile!

So we have given 15 financial reasons to been vegetarian, covering our personal health, our planets health and our personal financial health. So become a vegetarian today.
Bruce also has a passion for food, and  truly believes that focusing on food, and what we eat can really enhance and extend our lives. Read some of his tips and articles on the right of this page, or visit his blog: HERE

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