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Pippa Kendrick, the ‘intolerant’ specialist

Pippa Kendrick  ~

Pippa Kendrick ~

Profile: Pippa Kendrick, editor, and fellow ‘intollerant’ of

Imagine being told you could never eat cake again?

Although one or two of us may have told ourselves this on occasion, for someone who has just been diagnosed with a food intolerance or allergy, this is likely to be their reality.  When cake also means bread, cheese, pastry or even eggs, you start to see how a world of gourmet possibilities quickly narrows to a strict and uninspiring plate, or what to feed your food intolerant child becomes a daunting prospect.  The Intolerant Gourmet is here to change all of that.

Conceived by Pippa in 2009, The Intolerant Gourmet is a resource for amazing allergy friendly foods and products and is dedicated to creating delicious, seasonal and original recipes that are free from wheat, dairy, egg, soya and yeast. Pippa has both personal experience of food allergies and intolerances and a palette and lifelong understanding of seasonal, healthy and nutritious foods.  After years of experimentation with ingredients and testing allergy friendly products that were beginning to emerge on the market, Pippa had developed and honed a collection of recipes that are successful for both the discerning food lover and food intolerant.

The Intolerant Gourmet
~ We share Pippa’s frustration, and if you do to0, visit her website for some great foodie tips, and recipes to make intolerances far from un-endurable, to more enjoyable!

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