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Vegetarian Advantages ~ Bruce Kidson

Bruce Kidson

Bruce Kidson

Bruce Kidson’s Food for Life Blog

Bruce Kidson is a Midlands based Life Coach who has just recently launched a monthly online personal coaching course that aims to help people from all works of life establish their purpose and create their own plan to achieve life goals and ambitions. The role of food plays an important part within the Health module and here Bruce in a series of blogs offers his views.

The 10 benefits of being a vegetarian….

During a recent conversation with my daughter Phoebe who’s going to university next month, she wanted to know more about a vegetarian diet, I thought this would make a great series of blogs so in this the first we look at the 10 benefits of been vegetarian.

1. The first and perhaps the biggest benefit, is living longer

2. Lower blood pressure/hypertension

3. Much lower risk of type 2 diabetes

4. Better heart condition/lower coronary artery disease

5. Significantly lower risk of obesity

6. Better muscle tone

7. Constipation is better with vegetarians

8. Reduced risk of cancer of the colon

9. Reduced risk of diverticular disease.

10. Overall fewer health problems and better health

So why do vegetarians live longer and enjoy better health, well there are several reasons for this:

a) Vegetarian diets are low in saturated fats

b) Have low cholesterol.

c) Are high in folate, which reduces homocysteine levels (Which are a cause of heart disease)

d) Are high in soluble fibre, which can lead to better digestion & elimination

So if you would like better health and live longer the 10 health benefits of been vegetarian should give you some good pointers.

For more on Bruce’s food tips: HERE

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