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Why be a Food Blogger?

Charlene Price

Charlene Price

I became a food blogger after watching the film Julie & Julia at the cinema, which I realise may sound somewhat pathetic. My passion for food and, in particular, for cooking had already started to increase, but the term ‘food blog’ had never previously entered my vocabulary.

After seeing the film, I was intrigued and that’s when I discovered the plethora of food blogs strewn across the internet. It looked like fun and a great community to belong to, and I wanted to join in. I did have some reservations about doing so initially, as there are so many great food blogs out there, I wondered what the food blogging community would gain from adding my voice to it – surely it would just get lost in the Babel.

And perhaps it does. But that doesn’t matter to me because I enjoy food blogging; I enjoy being part of the community; I enjoy learning and discovering new things from other blogs – new ingredients, new methods of cooking, new places to shop; and I enjoy expressing myself through this medium. But most of all, I enjoy the encouragement that writing in my blog gives me to try new things, to experiment with new ingredients and to keep developing my skills and knowledge.

When I started my blog last autumn, I was very much a novice cook (I still am in many ways, but have improved no end) and was timid in the kitchen. I never would have guessed at that point that I would go on to make puff pastry (pastry used to scare me) or cook rabbit or even start to grow my own produce. The cooking and the blogging have a symbiotic relationship, each feeding off the other: the blogging increases my desire to cook, and the cooking increases my desire to blog.

Food bloggers seem to have an increasingly recognised status in society these days – not so long ago, Radio 4’s Food Programme devoted a whole episode to food bloggers, and recently a couple of my food blogger colleagues have been invited to appear on the Good Food Channel’s Market Kitchen to give their opinion on local cuisine. There is always the secret hope that one will be discovered like Julie Powell (if my blog ever gets turned into a film, I would like Scarlett Johanssen to play me, please).

There is a growing community of food bloggers based in the Midlands and Jo of Jo’s Kitchen has been instrumental in setting up and promoting the idea that there is food blogging life outside London – the Midlands Food Bloggers group have regular meet-ups, a Facebook group, a Twitter page and a group on the UK Food Bloggers Association devoted to them. Please see links below.

I would encourage anyone who is thinking about food blogging (or any other blogging for that matter) to give it a go – it is very easy to do these days, and there are many sites such as Blogger and WordPress which allow you to set up a blog for free. The great thing about blogging is having a voice and having a dialogue with other bloggers all over the globe (as well as on your doorstep!) who share your passion.

Midlands Food Bloggers on UK Food Bloggers Association:

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