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Review: Byzantium Tapas, Kings Heath, Birmingham

Restaurant Review: Byzantium Tapas, Kings Heath, Birmingham

After a hard day shopping with a soon to be teenager we decided to head out of town for an early family dinner. Byzantium is a lovely little place promising a taste of the Mediterranean.

I expected a Greek and Turkish influence given the name and that’s what we got, along with some of the usual Spanish dishes and an Italian dessert. A great combination. The best thing about tapas is sharing, this means lots of things – as a family getting to spend real time together – talking and eating in real Mediterranean style. It also means comprising and trying new food – perfect for new trying taste experiences. Sharing tapas is also a romantic way to spend an evening with a partner for much the same reasons.

To start we shared a fantastic flatbread which we dipped in homemade hummous, zesty zaalouk and tasty tzatziki. All of it was exceptionally fresh, the bread particularity wonderful, and left me wanting more.

We ordered seven main course dishes for three of us and would have had plenty with six.

All of the dishes were good but highlights were the grilled sardines, flavoured with lemon and thyme, beautifully pink pan fried duck breast, tender slow cooked pork belly marinated in garlic, ginger, thyme and fennel and serve in a tart balsamic vinegar glaze, and possibly one of most delicious things I’ve ever eaten – crispy potatoes with Gorganzola.

The chicken skewers were really tasty, the meatballs could have been a touch spicier and the Byzantium sausage with potatoes and cheese wasn’t a huge hit with any of us as it lacked the special touch that the other dishes have.

For pudding, not that we really had room, there was a good selection. I’d been reading a book that mentioned Cannoli, just a few days before and as it was on the menu I had to try it – it’s name originates from the Latin for reed, canna – little rolled up pastry desserts with a sweet creamy filling. We also had a deliciously refreshing watermelon ice cream.

The place is a hidden gem with fabulous staff who make helpful recommendations and make you feel at home. The portions are generous and you could do it on a budget if you don’t over order, or if you want a treat then try some of the more expensive dishes, you won’t be disappointed either way.

I’d certainly recommend a visit – try the flatbread and the pork belly whatever you do, and if you are lucky enough to go when they have the potatoes in Gorgonzola on the specials board, give me a call!

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Byzantium_161023 Byzantium_223039Review by Kate Eccles. Invited October 2014. Follow Kate on twitter @KateEccles. Photos on iPhone.

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